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Giving to Support Juniper Hill School

Juniper Hill School runs on the fuel of community, kindness, and hard work. To that end, we hope you will consider a gift to support our many goals for curriculum development, art and educational supplies, books, and tuition assistance for students in need. Please see our wish list below if you would like to give a needed item (or items) to support our nature-based and place-based education work. Interested in becoming a benefactor to help grow our model school? Please email us at for more information on how to get involved. 

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Our Wishlist

Watercolor paper (10 needed) - $10.50

Colorful silk scarves (6 needed) - $20 each

Small bookshelf - $40

Rope swing (6 needed) - $20 each

Miscellaneous sized dry storage boxes for outdoor classrooms (10-12 needed) - $30-65

Boot dryers (3 needed) - $65 each

Large sundial/weather station - $75

Sand (for sandbox) - $50

Large storage baskets (7 needed) - $30-40 each

Binoculars (classroom set) - $120

Outdoor wooden storage container (3 needed) - $99 each

Wooden classroom tables (4 needed) - $275 each

Outdoor composting toilet up at the Welcome Woods - $400

Low ropes course with 7 elements (cost of materials and construction) - $500

Wooden shelving for classrooms and teaching material storage - $600

Adirondack-style shelter for elementary outdoor classroom - $800

Outdoor canopies (for protection from rain and sun) for yurt walkways - $900

Embankment slide with sit-down bar (8 ft) - $3100

Community warming hut (a gathering place Juniper Hill School families, friends, and our town’s community members) - estimated cost $3600

Loose parts & large outdoor block set with storage (guaranteed for 10 years outdoor use) - $7500

Student scholarships – any amount!

Children’s outdoor clothing & gear – any amount to support families in financial need of help purchasing warm & protective outdoor clothing for their children

Thank you for helping us! 

Juniper Hill School is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.