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Click here to begin the enrollment process!

Click here to begin the enrollment process!

Juniper Hill School Enrollment Information

If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) at Juniper Hill School, our application and enrollment process for the 2017-2018 school year begins in February. In the meantime, please view the enrollment information below.

Tuition Rates

The tuition rates for 2017-2018 are as follows:


Nature Class: Pre-preK (ages 3-4), Thursdays and/or Fridays (1 and or 2 days, or part of those days)
Nature ½ Day - $1490 ($250 tuition deposit)
Nature 2x 1/2 Days - $2970 ($450 tuition deposit)
Nature ½ Day + Full Day - $3540 ($450 tuition deposit)
Nature Full Day - $2970($450 tuition deposit)
Nature Friday Only - $2050 ($450 tuition deposit)
Nature 2 Full Days - $5020 ($450 tuition deposit)

Seeds Class: PreK (ages 3-5), Monday-Wednesday (3 days), Monday-Friday (5 days)
Seeds Three Days - $6510 ($500 tuition deposit)
Seeds Five Days - $8405 ($650 tuition deposit)

Roots Class (K, ages 5-6)  
$8405 ($650 tuition deposit)

ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (Place-Based Elementary School)

Sprouts Class (grades 1-2, ages 6-8) 
$8405 ($650 tuition deposit)

Branches Class (grades 3-4, ages 8-10)
$8405 ($650 tuition deposit)

*Siblings receive a 10% discount for the second (and third, and so on) child enrolled in the same school year (discount applied to the least expensive program(s)).
*There is no longer a separate materials fee. Families are responsible for providing outdoor gear for all seasons as outlined on our gear lists. Lists can be found in the Family Portal after enrollment. Gear swaps are held among community families to help offset the costs of providing gear.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
We are unable to provide tuition scholarships or financial aid at this time but we encourage you to reach out to our Founder, Anne Stires, to discuss any situation which might prevent attendance for family with a sincere desire to enroll their child at Juniper Hill School. However, we hope to offer scholarships and financial aid soon. If you reside in Alna or in another town that carries the school choice benefit, your tuition expenses may be mostly covered through reimbursement. Read more about this benefit here

The four-step application and acceptance process includes:   

-Fill out the application and send a $35 application fee. 
-Attend our Open House, Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 10am-noon or arrange a tour of the school.
-Arrange a scheduled teacher-child-parent meeting time. 
-Admissions decisions for new students begin March 20 until all spaces are filled. (Priority is given to returning students and their siblings.) After that, students will be placed on our waiting list. 

For more information, please contact: 
Anne Stires, M.Ed., School Director
Ph: 207-586-5711  
180 Golden Ridge Road
Alna, ME  04535